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From preschools to daycares, home to Occupational Therapy clinics, sand and water tables are a basic ingredient for indoor sensory play. These tables capture the essence of a child's creativity, cooperative play, tactile play, and fine motor skills. They will have so much fun playing in it (and yes, probably making a little bit of a mess) while they develop necessary developmental skills.
Children with sensory processing disorders are the population of kids to make sure they are encouraged to play in the sand and water table. They need to become accustomed to this type of tactile input. As trivial as it sounds, playing in sand and water tables is a necessary developmental skill which a child's tactile system needs. And, for most children, it is one of their favorite items to play with. Be creative and patient and you can even make it that way for a child with tactile defensiveness. This will defenitely help in the development of tactile experiences and sensory motor skills.
-Table constructed of hardwood with stainless steel pan & with a cover in two part.
- Size of Pan: 60cm wide x 120cm long x 60cm high.
- The pan should be 20cm deep to hold water or sand.
- Five gardening tools must be provided for group activities.

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