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Age appropriate balance and coordination allows a person to be involved in the participation of sport with a reasonable amount of success as it will aid fluid body movement for physical skill performance (e.g. walking a balance beam or playing football). The involvement in sport is helpful in maintaining self regulation for daily tasks as well as developing a social network and achieving a sense of belonging in a community or social setting. Furthermore children will be able to maintain appropriate and controlled body movement during task performance which reduces the energy required and minimises fatigue.
The Basic Balance Beam will encourage the child to walk across a balance beam with good control. Proceed to large steps, small steps, tiptoes, forward, backward, sideways, etc.
- Reversible 6 feet (183cm) long sturdily constructed hardwood beam covered with non-slip surface.
- Beam may be positioned so width is 75mm or 150mm.
- Top of beam should be 15cm from the floor.
- Natural Finish

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