Institute Of Palliative Medicine

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Institute of Palliative Medicine is located in the Medical College campus, Kozhikode. The ambience of the insitute is set as to give maximum comfort and relaxation to the patients with good ventilation and moving space. The facilities include Inpatient Facility(30 bedded inpatient facility to take care of those who need admission. Patients are offered admission for relief of symptoms, respite for the family and for terminal care), Dining(A neat and spacious canteen which supplies food for patients, carers, staff and guests. Food for Patients and a carer is provided free of cost), Santhwana Vanam(It is a space and concept to provide a green and beautiful ambience for our patients who generally suffer with lot of mental and physical stress. With trees and plants and pavements for them to move even in wheelchairs 'Santhwana Vanam' is a real relaxation point), Sree open air theatre(Amphitheatre used for various entertainment programs for patients esp for those who are suffering from long term bedridden conditions like Paraplegia and their relatives), Other offices(The instute provides office space for some like-minded organisations like ANGELS,KIP, NRHM, MHAT, IAPC).
It is the dream of the institute to create more and more conscious communities and compassionate destinations. This is to be achieved through expansion of infrastructure and facilities. Widening of services & reaching out to more people in need of palliative care is the long standing goal of the institute. For more details visit