Mimosa is a lovely flower, but for the residents of St. Vincent Colony it is a lovelier playschool. For the twenty plus mentally challenged kids, Rosie Maám is the loveliest companion. They just enjoy being there till their mothers return from office. Aditya, a little boy, often clings to Rosie even when he hears her Mom’s Activa horn. Five years back, Rosie was in a similar situation but with a difference. She had nobody waiting outside to take her home. After years of treatment at the Government Mental Hospital, Calicut, her kith and kin were still reluctant to take her back home. It was an intervention by a compassionate Psychologist and the continuous counselling sessions that made Rosie smile henceforth. She was offered an opportunity to undergo training in Pre-KG teaching followed by help in the form of furniture and teaching tools to re-open the once abandoned play school in the colony.  When the residents entered the premise it was full of mimosa flowers and a quick witted lady suggested the name ‘Mimosa’ for the school. Now, Rosie earns around ten thousand per month and almost half of which she spends to help differently abled kids. If such is the change a Psychologist could make in the life of Rosie, we are sure there are many more Psychologists in the City who can do the same or much more than this.

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