The first time Sunil was caught red handed was when he was in VIIIth standard. Instead of sketching the map of India, he was drawing a caricature of his teacher holding a globe in the hand. An irate headmaster warned him in strict terms while actually trying hard to conceal his joy on seeing the hilarious caricature of his subordinate.   A sprint around the West Hill grounds took Sunil to Police Training School where even the thoughts of cartoon and caricature were to be kept beyond borders. After ten years, once again Sunil reached West Hill uniformed as the driver of West Hill Police Station. As part of an investigation regarding a missing child, Sunil and some other policemen visited the  Children’s Home.   That Friday was a new beginning in Sunil's life. Here, he got in touch with many boys who have had a bitter past. Sunil found a vast mindscape to try all his potential in caricature to change the ambience of hopelessness and dejection faced by young boys. Initially only a few showed interest, but soon they were all ready to learn it from him with a radiant smile on their faces. Now you see Sunil with a winsome smile always ready to teach caricature and be caricatured.   Let's see who is going to be our next Sunil who would volunteer to teach our young boys the art of painting, sculpting, acting etc.  

Yes I'm Ready