Stalin (Name Changed) was born in a poor family. His father was a drunkard and mother had left the house to live with her lover. Stalin, the little boy was left all alone with none to take care of him. A teacher who lived in his neighbourhood took him to school so that he could earn a living once he learned to read and write. However, Stalin spent his days in school gazing at the well knit uniforms his friends wore. He had just one set of uniform which was shabby and torn. The inferiority complex in him haunted him! One night, he decided to steal his friend's uniform and he was caught red handed. Following this, he landed up in Observation Home. Here, he realised that he is gifted with tailoring skills. He asked to himself, 'Why should I steal anymore if I can weave patterns of my own?' Indeed, there are many more inmates who discover their talents like Stalin. So, if you can help these boys, kindly do the needful once a week on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.  

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