Welfare Homes

It's heart breaking to know that a child is removed from her family, because her family can't afford to bring her. It's even more sad that there are many families there the children are abused mentally and physically and they end up in Children’s homes, where they are not care enough or even face harrassment in the hands of inmates or care takers. These are real stories not confining to Childrens' home. Kozhikode has a system to take care of destitute, old people, differently-abled and many marginalised. Unfortunately these institutes aren't designed to be run by professionals or those who understand the needs of those who are in need of help. 

Compassionate Kozhikode has been been working with Childrens' Home, Asha Bhavan, Institute for Differently Abled, Old Age Homes and Women's Shelter to name a few in the last six months to understand the difficulties care takers as well as the inmates face. Once again playing the role of a facilitators, District Administration has been matching the requirements by linking them with those can provide support in kind. 

Boys and Girls living in the Children's home now have access to learn Kalaripayattu, Yoga, Theatre Workshops and they are occasionally taken out for get togethers and dinners. Ensuring that the donor ( in kind ) support is done with dignity, this interaction has bee found positive in their day to day life. Requirements in the other institutes are varied and different and this website gives you an opportunity to check them and see what role you can play in making their life better.

What you can do?
Check out these two sections on volunteering your time or donating in kind.

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