Legends of Kozhikode

Celebrating Positive Stories.
Last Onam we met a lawyer who was spending his time with his extended family at a childrens home. It wasn't the first time for his family. Later we came to know that for last sixteen years they have been doing this in silence, without any publicity. They raise funds, they spend quality time, not just once in a year, but as often as it was possible.

We also knew about a high profile Indian Railway Officer who used to stand an hour on SM Street to raise funds ( he collected only one Rupee per person!) for bed ridden patients. What was amazing about him was that he raised awareness about community based palliative care by talking to more than a lakh of people in two years. He did it in silence. He's no longer with us, but his impact is seen around.

There are many people around us who do things unique, compassionate, innovative and different without ever getting noted or wanting to get noticed. These are people who go about doing extraordinary things without even realising the impact they are creating. We have much to learn from them and showcasing them is inspirational indeed.

What You Can Do?
Legends of Kozhikode is an attempt to bring out unknown positive stories that we take for granted in our day to day life. These stories can be only collected with your local knowledge. We are just a facilitator. If you know someone who's making Kozhikode a better place, write to us with a subject "Legends of Kozhikode". We can create a network of people across our district and document those stories one by one through social media making them ambassadors of our district. Thank You.