Inclusive Health Care:
Accidents and illness befall irrespective of social or economic status. But this impartiality becomes partial when it comes to the case of quality treatment. Sampoorna is an attempt at enabling equitable access to quality treatment in times of expected or unexpected illness.
Sampoorna is a Universal Insurance scheme to our people irrespective of their financial status adding whatever is missing in diverse Government schemes designed to address this issue. Ours is an attempt to explore the existing options in insurance coverage and health schemes and then top up with innovative insurance schemes. Sampoorna will reach out to BPL segments who wouldn't need to pay a premium and to APL segments who would pay comparatively lesser premium than the market rates.

How does it work:
Distric Administration acts a facilitator to educate the population about existing public and private schemes and if those are not enough to cover the requirement of the needy, we explore possibilities of topping that up with innovative programs to cover the welfare of the applicant.

Status: Basic home work on existing insurance programs completed. Next step involves discussions with hospitals in Kozhikode to join the program.