Unique Numbering System for Bus Routes

Imagine arriving in a new city. Your mode of transportation is public transporation and you can't read what's written on the display board. You talk to people, you check with those standing next to you and by the time you find out which bus to board, the bus has left the stop. This is worse especially if you can't read the language in which it's written. Albeit late, Kozhikode is launching a unique numbering system which ensures that each route running through the city will have a dedicated number starting with "K" representing Kozhikode.

New bus numbering system is displayed in a way the Red Colour circle and numbers are visible even from distance. Such a number system makes it easy not only for the locals, but also for the increasing number of migrant population who has made Kozhikode their home as well as many travellers who visit Kozhikode. Plan is being implemented to have bus route and chart published in all bus stops across the city.

The number system has been throughly studied in partnership with the management team at Kannur University, First phase will have 136 city routes numbered, and later phase will have buses originating from New Bus Stand, Palayam Bus Stand and KSRTC bus stands. Once all the city routing is finalised a mobile app called UNSBR will be available for the public with details of bus numbers and routes.