Freedom Cafe

Where sharing is an art.

You buy something from a shop, you eat something from a restaurant and it's normal that you pay for these. When was the last time you went to a restaurant only to be told that someone else has already paid for you? That's our Freedom Cafe.
This is a cafe run by Student Volunteers. You place your order like in any restaurant and enjoy your meal. However before you leave, we don't intent to give you a bill, except a thank you note. Some one else has already paid your bill. You are welcome to pay for the next person(s) so that the loop continues. Here, paying is an art and never maths. There's no compulsion to pay at all. 

The public are invited to volunteer to run the café along with our students and facilitate this location as a space for interactions and discussions. We are exploring possibilities of developing this space to promote local, ethnic crafts as well. Operational profit, if any, from the unit will be contributed to Pain and Palliative Care Society, Kozhikode.

Status: We are in the last phase of identifying the location to run such a special community restaurant.