Hey Auto

Instant Reach

Autos and Monsoon have much in common. When they are seen, they are in plenty; when you wait, you won't get one. Dozens of auto drivers while away their time while waiting for a trip; Dozens of people curse their time failing to catch an auto. "Hey Auto" is a programme to connect both using the common gadget. The smart phone!

How it works?

A user friendly android based mobile app is designed to ensure that one can always access an auto parked anywhere near them. Enlisted autos can be accessed easily and this reduces queuing for both parties. The app provides a facility to rate the auto service as well. Peer review ensures better services and travelling with a registered auto driver enhances better security to travellers. 

Status: 100 autos have already signed up. We need to engage more auto rickshaws and spread the awareness about the availability of this service taking drivers and trade unions on board.