District Collector`s Internship Program

How many of us haven't cursed the way our Government functions? However, how many of us ever got an opportunity to work closely with the Government? District Collector's Internship Program is an effort to bring those people who want to make a difference and not just be critical of how a Government system works. This is an opportunity for interns from educational institutes, NGOs and Corporates to work under the leadership of the district administration.

This is not for those who expect spoon feeding, but for those who can work in a team, as well as independently understanding the value of compassion in problem solving. This unpaid internship can be done frm two months to a year depending on the availability of the interns. On successful completion the interns will be given an experience certificate. They will be directly working on many of the projects / initiatives explained on this website and many more initiatives that keeps coming up from the District Administration.

The first phase in of internship saw more than seven hundred applications out of which only thirty were selected. By the time we are ready for the second phase only 4 students have received the completion certificates. Internship program is mentored by Indian Institute of Management - Kozhikode. Professional mentors come from as varied field as Medicine to Social Entrepreneurship.

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