Operation Sulaimani

Food with Dignity
Sulaimani originally is a rare blend of tea, lime and warmth. Operation Sulaimani ensures no one in Kozhikode is denied food on account of an empty or even lost wallet. You have the right to food without answering a series of questions in a queue. There are more than 25 'Sulaimani' Distribution centres in 14 zones of Kozhikode district that one can access in need. The coupons from here can be exchanged for a good meal in more than 100 restaurants in the district mow. This initiative is run in partnership with and Hotel and Restaurants association and public support. Many people who enjoy the taste of Kozhikode often remember to donate towards the project as well. 
How does it work?
'Any one' can collect a Sulaimani Coupon from one of the authorised distribution centres. Exchange this for a meal in one of the many hundred partner restaurants and have a hearty meal with dignity. No questions asked. A donation box is kept at these restaurants for the public to contribute. Money from this collection is consistently collected by our volunteers and deposited in a bank account managed by the Hotels & Restaurants Association. Any loss of revenue incurred by participating restaurants are hence absorbed through the system where they match the coupons collected by each restaurants and distribution centres.
List of Associated Hotels & Coupon Distributtion Centres: