Mental Hospital Intervention

Compassion Starts here:
Kuthiravattom is a name synonymous with Mental Health Care for more than a century. Unfortunately, irrespective of periodical improvement, the centre is yet to capture the needs of improvements in care, treatment and modern psychiatry. Not just the ambiance of the place, most importantly the element of compassion is missing in this place of care. 

More than 600 odd people live in dimly lit and humid rooms in a near dilapidated building with minimal facilities.  There are issues related to quality of day to day life along with treatment and rehabilitation issues. Intervention at the Mental Health Centre was one of the first things the District Administration spotted as high priority to intervenen after the social media interaction with the citizens of Kozhikode.  Instead of waiting for budgetary allocation and procurement process, District Administration prepared a list of immediate requirements and requested the public to contribute in kind instead of donating money. The overwhelming response from the public has to be sustained with continous suppor from the citizens of Kozhikode

Status: CK has identified some sponsors to redesign and renovate the campus, Master plan is being evaluated and second phase will be implemented in the coming months.